I got a blood test and my doctor said that I got lymphocytosis, what to do?

Ask what it means. A few extra lymphocytes in your blood may be chasing off a virus that will never become symptomatic, or may indicate a viral illness (how do you FEEL?), whooping cough, a tumor of lymphoid marrow cells, or just being a bit stressed. As with all lab tests, the clinical picture makes all the difference. If there's abnormal cells, it's more worrisome.
Lymphocytosis. Tere are several causes of an increase in lymphocytes (lymphocytosis). These are blood cells that fight infection. The usual cause is a viral infection and this is a normal reaction. If however it is more serious then he would usually order more tests.to find out a less common cause.

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What to do if I got a blood test and my doctor said that I got lymphocytosis?

You'll get a workup. If you have an increased in the absolute lymphocyte count well above the reference range, you may just have a mild viral infection, or the stress of life or another illness, or have a serious illness, or have something else. Your phyisican knows how to handle this. Read more...

I had a blood test and my doctor said that I had lymphocytosis?

Viral infection. A high white blood cell count is leukocytosis (generic), and out of the PMNs, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils and Basophils, your test showed an increase in the # / % of Lymphocytes (specific). They usually are elevated when your body is fighting off a virus (like the common cold). Read more...