How long do you have to wait to take birth control pills after you have a baby?

BCP's postpartum. It depends upon whether you're nursing or not. Usually women even if they aren't breastfeeding will not ovulate until at least 6 weeks after delivery.

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My gf and I had an unprotected sex for 3 consecutive weeks, she told me to ejaculate inside her. We're only teenagers and can't afford to have a baby. Is it still possible to take a birth control pills?

May be too late. Bc pills work only when taken before sexual activity. Your 3 wks worth of sex may have already started a pregnancy. If you don't want to go through that now, take steps to prevent it. Condoms work in the majority of cases & your girlfriend can get on the pill if she is not pregnant already, perhaps both methods would be a good idea, she may want a pregnancy even if you don't. Read more...