How does your baby get sickle cell disease after birth?

They don't: Sickle cell disease is congenital. However, babies are born with enough fetal hemoglobin in their red cells to prevent sickle crises immediately; as fh levels decrease with age, the disease gets more severe.
At conception !!! SS disease is in place as soon as a baby is conceived.When they receive a faulty SS gene from both parents, they are destined to develop symptoms after birth.They don't catch it like a germ.

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Can genetic testing for sickle cell disease be done before birth of baby?

Genetic test Sickle. Yes the test is done on high risk women at the 17 week of gestation by doing amniocentesis with the permission of both patents. Read more...

Which is the preferred birth control for sickle cell disease patients?

Consider hormone-IUD. The best option for you is the one that best meets your needs! protection against pregnancy, convenience and minimal risk of blood clots are what you should consider. Favorite options include an iud like Mirena (levonorgestrel) or other progestin only containing method. Find a gyn who is comfortable offering treatments for higher risk patients. Read more...

Sickle cell anemia:is this birth defect only due to genetics?

Yes. It is a defect present from birth, yes. Would i call it a birth defect, no. It is a genetically derived abnormality in the metabolism of hemoglobin that results in sickling of the red cells under some circumstances. As a metabolic disease, it is inherited in a similar fashion to pku or cystic fibrosis. The term birth defect is more appropriate for a kid with malformation of an organ or body part. Read more...