How best to get rid of a 9 month old baby's cough?

No medications. Please do not give any medications to your 9 month old. While it has been common practice in the past, and physicians often recommended drugs for cough and cold, recent studies have shown they do not help and may in fact cause harm. No child under 2 years old should take any cough/cold meds, including over the counter. Keep child hydrated, humidify air, and if it persists get evaluated for cause.
A cold? How is your baby otherwise? Cough can come from nasal drainage, reactive airways (baby asthma), and reflux as well. We used to think that these babies had 'colic' but some of them have allergies and others have reflux soming up and harassing them. Check with your pediatrician and see what direction to take from here.

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My 9 month old baby has a cough that we can't seem 2 get rid of. What can I do to get rid of this cough so he can get better?

Cough remedy. Suck out the mucus in his nose with a bulb syringe, use saline nose drops 4 times daily, take him into the washroom, turn on the hot shower and let him breath in the hot steam. Elevate his matress with a wedge and keep the vaporizer on where he sleeps. If the cough does not improve in several days check him over by his pediatrician push fluids, reduce milk.