Can you still carry a child after you have gotten abdominal liposuction?

Yes , but... Yes, pregnancy is certainly possible after any type of body contouring surgery. However, i suggest that patients wait on having body contouring surgery, if at all possible, if they are planning on having pregnancies in the near future.
Absolutely! Having had abdominal liposuction shouldn't impact having a child in one way or another.
Of course. Certainly you are capable of having a child after abdominal liposuction. The consequences are really unknown but should be minimal. Following pregnancy, your skin may delvelop stretch marks but this is not likely related to the liposuction.
Certainly! Liposuction has absolutely no bearing on ones ability to go through successful pregnancy. In fact women who have had full tummy tucks (witch hazel) should all have no difficulty with their pregnancy related to their surgery once they have fully healed.