How can I diagnose the dengue fever?

Dengue diagnosis. Most infections with dengue are mild and pass mostly unnoticed. More severe symptoms can include sudden fever, headache , typically right behind the eyes, a characteristic severe deep ache in the muscles and bones, for which dengue is also known as "break bone fever" and sometimes rashes and bleeding. There is an antibody blood test that establishes the diagnosis.
Agree w Dr. Isaacs. Your doctor can diagnose accurately wi a blood test. many people who are infected wi Dengue have mild sx's or no sx's. However more significant cases may have sxs such as headache, severe bone/joint pain (hence term Breakbone Fever), high fevers (up to 106 F), pain behind eyes, muscle pain, rash, nausea, vomiting & bleeding from gums. Some people go on to have more severe symptoms wi severe >