What is name for the new cataract lenses? The expensive ones

Premium IOL. Toric iols correct astigmatism. Multifocal and accommodative iols correct presbyopia. Multifocals provide better reading compared to accommodative iols but can result in a degradation in the overall quality of vision and produce side affects such as haloes around lights. Accommodative iols are monofocal so there is no degradation in the quality of vision but don't perform as well for near.
Types of implants. Crystalens & Trulign Toric (by Bausch + Lomb) are only FDA-approved intraocular lenses (IOLs) that use a method called accommodation (IOL tried to mimic back & forth movement of natural lens in capsular bag). These pts should see better at near & intermediate without glasses compared to those who had a monofocal IOL; Multifocals include Restor, Tecnis, Rezoom; more info: eyedoc2020 blogspot com.
Advanced technology. There are two types of advanced technology intraocular lenses used to correct refractive error not corrected by cataract surgery alone. Usually not covered by health insurance, toric lenses correct astigmatism and multi-focal lenses correct age-induced reading deficiency, or presbyopia. If you think about it, they may not be so expensive! Savings result by not having to buy glasses or contacts!