Could antibiotic treat early symptoms of bacterial infection?

Yes. If you have an infection, the earlier you start taking antibiotics the better to prevent spreading of the infection.

Related Questions

Can a bacterial infection require a specific antibiotic to wipe it out?

Yes. Bacterial infections usually require antibiotic treatment with a drug to which the bacteria is susceptible. Some antibiotics will work for some bacteria but not others. Most bacteria are sensitive to a number of different antibiotics. Microbiology labs do sensitivity testing to inform the doctor as to which antibiotics will be effective. Read more...

What should you do if you have bacterial infection all over the body? Antibiotic won't help

Peculiar diagnosis. Hmmm.... I don't mean to sound undiplomatic, but a "bacterial infection all over the body", not helped by antibiotics, sounds screwy. If self diagnosed, see a doctor for professional evaluation. If it has been medically diagnosed, discuss further with the doctor, and perhaps ask for referral to an infectious diseases specialist, or dermatologist if it involves primarily the skin. Good luck! Read more...