What causes tracheomalacia?

Uncommon. Tracheomalacia is collapse of the trachea (the windpipe) and is often confused with laryngomalacia which is collapse of the voicebox (which is above the trachea). Tracheomalacia is quite uncommon in infants except those with repaired t-e fistulas, and those with unrepaired vascular rings.
Weak tracheal cartil. Weakening of the cartilage "rings" along the front of the trachea, which causes the trachea to flatten ... Some consider invagination of the soft back wall of the trachea also as tracheomalacia ... I disagree, but effect is same, narrowing of the tracheal lumen and some difficulty breathing.

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Help docs! I'm trying to find out what causes tracheomalacia in newborns?

Dont know. There is a lot if information what what it is but not the what causes it. So do not know if it is just genetic (most likely) or environmental (in which case we should see a whole lot more of it). Infants do outgrow it. I would not be too worried about what causes it as the baby already has it...So lets deal with the here and now... Read more...