What is threatened abortion.?

Bleeding early. 20-30% of early pregnancies will have some bleeding in the first 13wks. Uterine cramping, (like a period), and a size less than dates measurement on ultrasound are also worrisome.
Risk of miscarriage. A diagnosis of "threatened abortion" indicates that you've experienced cramping/bleeding during pregnancy that raise concern for possible miscarriage, however your exam shows a closed cervix and a fetal heartbeat indicating that things might still be just fine. Threatened abortions can resolve and normal, healthy pregnancies result afterwards. Be seen by your OB for any further bleeding/pain.

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What is a threatened abortion and how many pregnancy last healthy?

Threatened abortion. A threatened abortion is a pregnancy that experiencing uterine/vaginal bleeding without yet the passage of fetal tissue. Sometimes, pregnancies continue with a healthy delivery after experiencing bleeding. Read more...