Does everyone get swollen feet in pregnancy?

No, only few people. There are several reasons for swelling of feet during pregnancy. 1. Excess salt intake 2. Protein loss in urine 3. Kidney problems 4. Preeclampsia 5. Eclampsia 6. High blood pressure 7. Prolonged standing.
Very Common. This is very common. Support hose can be helpful. Elevate your feet often throughout the day. Good luck. Dr. L.

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Had a baby 4 months ago, during pregnacy had calf cramps &swollen feet. For 1 month I have tightness in the backs of my calves. Now numb both heels?

Ultrasound and exam. This could simply be a muscular issue, but with the location and the numbness, I feel like this needs further evaluation. An appropriate exam would likely include not only an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot but also a good hands on physical exam of pulses in both feet and evaluation of sensation in feet. Hope this helps. Read more...