Any relationship between sids and sleep apnea?

SIDS and apnea. Babies with apnea of prematurity are at a slightly increased incidence of sids but there is no link between obstructive sleep apnea and sids. The risk factors for sids do not overlap wth the risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea.

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Sleep apnea & sudden infant death syndrome related?

Yes. Depending on the age (3-6 months) apnea in sleep is a harbinger of possible sids. Sleep apnea is more usual in an adult but has the same connotation. Both are due to compromised biochemistry in the automatic breathing control mechanisms in the brainstem.

Partner breathes heavy in day, worse at night. I can't sleep, I have to go in another room. Ruining our relationship. Doesn't sound like sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea. It may be sleep apnea, but have your friend checked for a nasal obstruction or enlarged tonsils if he still has them.
Sleep apnea. Has your partner been evaluated by an ENT to check for nasal blockage- deviated septum, allergies, enlarged tonsils and or adenoids? If that's not the issue, having an overnight witnessed sleep exam would be the next step. Sleep apnea means that they are stopping breathing for at least 10 seconds and their blood oxygen level is below 90%. At risk for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure.
Sleep apnea snoring. Number of treatment options are available for snoring and sleep apnea. The recommended therapy for sleep apnea depends on its severity, which is usually determined by a sleep study or examination. See your PCP first.

Is there a relationship between sleep apnea and feeling dry where the nostrils open into the mouth?

Depends. This sometimes occurs in people with sleep apnea on cpap. It would not be from the sleep apnea itself.
Nasal obstruction. Dry mouth or "cotton mouth" usually indicates possible nasal obstruction that promotes mouth breathing. See an ENT phsycian to rule this aspect out. It can be serious enough to progress to sleep disturbances like obstructive sleep apnea that can be life shortening or life threatening. I encourage you to check it out.
Yes. You probably are a mouth breather. See an ENT to check for any nasal obstruction. If so get treated. However, sleep apnea anyway drys out your entire oral cavity. If you use cpap, consider a humidifier to moisten the air.