Do any experiences sound like I need special ED for a social anxiety disorder?

Not sure what. Experiences you are referring to. In general, a good therapist is what is needed for a social anxiety disorder, not special ed.

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What to do if a teacher finds a student like those with a social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety. For kids, counseling with school guidance counselor to apply behavior techniques through gradual exposure and response prevention.

How do I know if I have a social anxiety disorder?

Ask yourself. If you're afraid of doing something humiliating or embarrassing in front of people, such as meeting new people or eating or writing in public. Do you avoid or dread social situations in which others may observe you? Social anxiety usually starts in childhood or early adulthood. It occurs in about 11% of the U.S. Population. For a definite diagnosis, talk to a mental health professional.

How to know if I have a social anxiety disorder?

Psychiatric eval. Symptoms of a social anxiety disorder can including being worried about being judged by others or doing something to embarrass yourself around others. You could turn pink, sweat, tremble, suddenly find it hard to talk or make eye contact or have a shaky voice. You might avoid doing things w people so that you don't do something embarrassing ; you likely make an effort to never be the center of att.

Does a social anxiety disorder have to have physical symptoms?

Yes. By definition ''anxiety'', whatever the cause feels like fear without a clearly known cause. Different combination and degree vary with the individual from mild to severely restricting one's life. People describe -in no particular order- dizziness, tingling in lips and/or lips, nausea, foreboding, preoccupation, ''freezing up'', urge to evacuate bladder and or bowel, blurred vision. Be referred.
It would be difficul. To have anxiety without some physical symptoms.

How do I get help for a social anxiety disorder without anyone knowing?

Your doctor. Your family doctor and any therapist or psychiatrist is obligated by their oath and by law not to tell anyone what you tell them (other than telling your insurance company which requires a diagnosis for payment. And they can't tell your family or employer.) many people have social anxiety and there are good treatments available, with and without meds.

How would I tell my doctor I think I have a social anxiety disorder or depression?

Just like that. Most docs would appreciate you being very direct about your concerns. You could simply say, "doc, I'm worried I might have social anxiety and depression, " then he or she will likely ask you a lot of questions to determine the correct diagnosis. Anyway, I would encourage you to be direct about your mental health concerns with your doc.
Brief the office nur. Drs r busy sometimes it's easier to tell the nurse what u want 2 discuss with the dr.

Can social anxiety disorder gone forever I feel like when I feel better sometimes it come and I feel worst again?

Social Anxiety. Is treatable by a mental health professional and can resolve. It is likely to continue w/out treatment or lifestyle changes. Social anxiety is often linked to a fear of being embarassed in public. Surrender to that possibility which exists for us all and things can improve. Peace and good health.

How do I cure social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety. Cognitive behavior therapy is effective for social anxiety disorder.

How do you treat social anxiety disorder?

Graded exposure. Social anxiety disorder (now called " social phobia") can be treated with therapy, sometimes supplemented with medication. People with a phobia avoid the feared situation or object. While this gives immediate relief, it doesn't help the problem. Gradual exposure to the feared situation and then much practice in coping really helps. Systematic desensitization has been shown to help or cure it.
Social anxiety. Behavior modification techniques such as gradual exposure with response prevention, imagery, relaxation, meditation/yoga, etc. Medications may be used for backup & to relieve symptoms. Therapist experienced with cognitive behavior therapy can be of help.
CBT. Cognitive behavior therapy (cbt) can help people who avoid social situations. Contact a cbt therapist who specializes in social anxiety issues. He or she will work with you on addressing the unhealthy thoughts linked to social avoidance or unhealthy behaviors in uncomfortable social situations.
Behavioral Options. See this page anxiety disorders assn of bc which contains educational & self-help tools (incl. A video) for managing & even overcoming social anxiety: http://www. Anxietybc. Com/resources/social. Php effective treatment for social anxiety will involve putting yourself in feared social situations, going from ones you fear only a little to others you fear a lot. A cbt expert coach can be big help!