Problems with special education teacher and program. Help please. We have few options for our child with autism?

Too little info. I sympathize, but your question is so general, it is impossible to offer a specific answer. If you think the problem truly is the teacher, speak to the principal or special educataion counselor at the school. You can request a new iep at any time, which may include looking at private school options if child not recieving adequate care. If needed, seek a lawyer specializing in this area.
Urgent IEP. Meeting-Request that-to sped ed director of school district. At same time ask (via typed letterhead) for a functional behavioral analysis (FBA)= classroom observation data in school setting on what are the antecedent behaviors impairing academics. Then u request behavioral interventional plan (BIP) based on above, as school mandated to provide corrective interventions e.g.even ABA, OT, PT, Speech:
Legal help? I'm not sure the question exactly, but there are options for children with autism. If you are unhappy with the services at school, then you can request an independent educational evaluation for someone outside the school district to assess your child and make recommendations. You may need a special education lawyer to help. Some will work pro bono because the district may have to pay their fee.
Are you near . Newport news? Dr. Alan ali, on health tap, is a child psychiatrist there who can help you. Also , contact autism speaks or feat for advocates in your area before you file due process. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar... But sometimes you gotta pour on the vinegar.