Can smoke inhalation cause asthma?

Possibly. It depends on what you mean. Inhaling virtually any type of smoke will trigger an asthma attack in those whose asthma is not well controlled, and often even in those in whom it is. For a non asthmatic, significant smoke inhalation, such as being in a burning building, can damage the lungs in such a way as to cause asthma. I have a firefighter in my practice on permanent disability for this.
Definitely a trigger. Cigarette smoke and other "smoke inhalation" can trigger asthma symptoms due to causing irritation to the airway.

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Does smoke inhalation cause symptoms similar to those of your sinuses draining? Like chest congestion, stuffy nose, yellow/greenish mucus? Asthma?

Possibly. Are you talking about fire smoke or tobacco smoke? Fire smoke can put soot into your lungs , cause clogging asthma like symptoms and can be life threatening. Tobacco smoke inhalation is more of a lesser irritation affecting each person differently but all of the symptoms you mentioned are possible including itchy eyes, sore throat, cough and others. Read more...

What are the effects of excessive smoke inhalation when asthma?

Increase or cause. Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke can aggravate asthma and may also be the cause of asthma in some age groups. New onset asthma has been reported in teens who smoke. Read more...