I have soar gums they are swollen around back teeth and feel like the are raw it hurts to chew and swallow, and I have no wisdom teeth?

Dental abscess. Dental infection due to tooth abscess, gum abscess or combination of both. See your dentist for evaluation, x-rays and treatment. You are always presented with a few options. Good luck.
Sore gums. Inflammation and pain indicate infection, either gum or tooth infection. Hands-on dental treatment required or infection will worsen and spread. See Dentist immediately.
Infection. The swelling of the gums, pain with chewing and swallowing suggests an infection that could be related to the tooth or a periodontal problem. You need to be evaluated by your dentist to determine the cause(s) of your problems in order that the proper treatment can be provided.
See dentist. Could be a lodged food particle, periodontal probem, infection, etc. You need a dental evaluation to sort things ou.