What, besides a HGH deficiency, causes short stature?

Short stature. A myriad of other things including problems with any major organ system like heart or kidney disease, genetic syndromes, gastrointestinal disorders, cystic fibrosis, rheumatologist disorders, thyroid disease, malnutrition, cushings, some medications.
Familial. There are many other causes- such as Normal variant: Familial short stature, constitutional short stature. Psychosocial deprivation short stature syndrome. Intrauterine growth restriction: Malnutrition: ... Chronic diseases like crohns and colitis Skeletal dysplasias and genetic conditions with chromosomal abnormalities such as turners syndrome etc.

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What, besides an HGH deficiency, could lead you to have short stature?

Genetics. Genetics determine adult height. There is also constitutional delay in which a person grows late in puberty. Hgh is the treatable cause of short stature. Read more...