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With several sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy, what could happen to the child?

Variable risk. Std's have variable effect on nbns. Syphillis could cause miscarriage, major damage or be unrecognized for years in baby. (with devistating consequences) HIV is an obvious problem, with long term effects. Chlamydia can cause eye infections & pneumonia, gc can cause eye damage. Hpv vocal cord nodules or skin lesions, herpes=cavitary degeneration of the newborn brain, retardation or death. Others also!

How do sexually transmitted diseases begin?

Exposed to infection. They begin after having sexual activity with someone already infected.

What are some common sexually transmitted diseases?

Gonnorhea, Syphilis; The following are common stds 1gonnorhea 2syphilis 3herpes simplex 4chlamydia 5trichomonus infection 6hpv infection 7hiv infection and aids 8chancroid 9Hepatitis B 10 Moluscum Contagiosom 11 Pubic Lice 12Donovanosis (Granuloma Inguinale)

What's the history of sexually transmitted diseases?

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