How are sexually transmitted infections originally found?

Not to scare you but. Death, dementia, disfigurement, pain, cancer, transmission to others! sores, rashes, pain on urination... If you think you have been exposed. Get checked.

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What are the immediate effects of sexually transmitted infections?

There are none. The scary part is, there are no "immediate" symptoms which is one of the reasons diseases can be spread unknowingly and damge can occir to the patient. Sometimes, it may take days or even months before people develop symptoms/effects. For women, early (not immediate) symptoms include vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, low-grade fevers, urinary symptoms and pain during sex. Infertility is possible. Read more...

Is sexually transmitted infections possible without having real sex?

Yes. Any exchange of bodily fluids can increase your risks of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (i.e. Oral sex). Certain viruses out there are dna virues (herpes, hpv, etc.), which means once you have it, you have it for life; we can treat them...But we cannot cure them. If you've had an intimate encounter with a high-risk individual, play it safe and see your doctor so you don't lose sleep. Read more...