Does my taking tegretol & Epilim (for epilepsy) together with amlodipine (for high blood pressure) at the same time interfere with each other? Tq

Easy to handle. Can get blood levels for your anti-seizure meds, and check blood pressure readings and adjust dosages as needed. Why are you concerned? Your doctor should easily be able to manage this.

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Are these medications compatible with each other if taken together? Amlodopine (for hypertension) & tegretol together with Epilim (for epilepsy)

Check levels . Eplim (sodium di valproate) and Carbamazepine have some interactions with each other. One needs to measure steady state blood levels. The interactions are complex and depend upon your current activation of liver cytochrome enzymes, renal clearance and degree of protein binding to albumen. Amlodipine use complicates matters further but you can use all three if you adjust dose as needed. Read more...