What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is. Simply feedback of information to you about your own internal biological activity. You then use that information to learn self regulation. You can't learn any skill without feedback of your performance. Biofeedback gives you information of normally unconscious functions -- muscle activity, breathing, heart rate, sweating, skin temperature, brain waves, etc. -- allowing you to regulate them.
Self-healing. Biofeedback is a safe, effective treatment approach that trains the patient to self-regulate abnormal biological activity toward normal functioning using positive feedback for progressive incremental changes. An appropriate biological measure (eg muscle emg, heart rate variability and even brain eeg) which best correlates with the underlying problem is monitored as the basis for training reward.

Related Questions

What are biofeedback machines?

Electronic devices. That measure biological reactions and feed the information back to you with simple signals. They help you learn to regulate your body's response to stress or to correct a dysfunctional body response. The most common instruments measure muscle activity, heart rate, breathing, skin temperature, sweating, or brain activity. Check with www. Bcia. Org and www. Aapb. Org for info & certified therapists.

What is biofeedback therapy and how it is performed?

Biofeedback is.... Very simply put biofeedback teaches a person how to control autonomic functions of the body at a very elemental level. Equipment is used to allow people to practice and voluntarily control the temperature of the fingers and hands.

I wanted to know what is biofeedback therapy? What does it involve?

Learning your body. From what I remember... You would have a screen in front of you and electrodes placed at various spots on your body and head that would create images on the screen as you experienced emotional and other cognitive or perceptual states. You would learn what those states did in your body and try to modify them intentionally. Like, learning to stay calm in the presence of a feared thing.
Biofeedback is. Simply feedback of your own biological information. By feeding back information to you about your own internal biological activity, such as muscle activity, breathing, heart rate, sweating, skin temperature, or brain waves, you can learn to regulate them with practice. Find qualified therapists at www. Bcia. Org and at www. Aapb. Org.

What is biofeedback when used for pelvic floor pt in girls? Does it go inside?

It depends. Where the biofeedback sensors are placed, depends on what specific problem is being addressed. In some cases, they are placed internally. Http://www. Bcia. Org/i4a/pages/index. Cfm? Pageid=3526 consult with your doctor and the trained physical therapist to find out for your own case.

What conditions does Biofeedback treat?

Biofeedback treats. Biofeedback is a method whereby individuals learn to control their bodily level of arousal more effectively. It has been used to treat headaches/migraines, incontinence, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback has been used to help with ADHD, symptoms of autism, brain injury, and depression. These are the most known issues.

Is biofeedback effective for insomnia? What kind of biofeedback works best?

Personal choice. Biofeedback is an alternative medicine treatment for insomnia; and works well if done correctly. Guided imagery can also be of benefit; as to what kind works best the answer is really a matter of personal choice. Seek out a practitioner that has experience in the field and seek the answer to this question together...Sometimes the journey is just as effective as the remedy.
Possibly. Works in few cases when cause of insomnia is anxiety, stress or depression.
My 2 cents. I'm sure some would challenge this as anecdotal, and justifiably so, but in my clinical experience of having treated approx. 10, 000 pts., the vast majority of sleep problems are not primary, but rather caused by something else, like anxiety, adhd, or mood disorders. Biofeedback may very well work, but first i'd recommend a careful psychiatric evaluation by a tenacious, experienced, diagnostician.
Yes. Biofeedback can be very helpful for insomnia. Specifically something called cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to teach you techniques that will improve your chances of falling asleep. Many psychologists offer cbt training.

What are the best biofeedback systems that you can buy & use at home? I'm on a tight budget, looking for low price that is still effective.

Finger temperature. This depends a lot on your goal. The cheapest biofeedback I know of is a digital thermometer with a small sensor attached by wire. Tape it to a fingertip and try to make the meter rise. Warm fingers are associated with decreased sympathetic nervous system activity and a relaxation response. Gsr is inexpensive too. Of course, EMG or eeg biofeedback is more elaborate & expensive.

What are the benefits of Biofeedback?

Safe, non-drug rx. Biofeedback uses sophisticated electronic equipment to monitor various physiological functions and presents this information to the patient in real time. We can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, skin conductance, brain waves, skin temperature, and other signals. By observing this information one can learn to CONTROL aspects of your physiology. For: migraines, ADD, anxiety/stress, HBP, +more.

What are the complications of Biofeedback?

NONE. If done by an experienced provider there will only be benefit at best. No harmful effect.