Is ringing in the ears a hearing impairment?

Not exactly..... Ringing in the ears can be an indicator of hearing loss/impairment. The recommendation is to get a head and neck (ENT) and hearing evaluation. Pattern and type of hearing loss may lead to the discovery of serious but potentially treatable disorders, such as otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, as well as chronic otitis media.

Related Questions

What is helpful for menier's/tinnitus noises in ears and hearing difficulties?

Meniere's, tinnitus. If your tinnitus is worsening please get your hearing checked to make sure it is not getting worse. Improving speech understanding with a hearing aid (if indicated) helps tinnitus.
Tinnitus. There may be hearing aids and devices that may annul the noise, to improve hearing and reduce the tinnitus. Best person to consult is your ENT doctor and audiologist.

Dizziness, clogged ear and hearing impairment?

Clogging of ear. Several possibilities. It depends on where the ear is clogged and why it is clogged. For example clogging of the outer ear canal with wax can cause these symptoms. Middle ear clogging can cause similar symptoms but the treatment differs.

I have hearing impairment, in both ears. I was told it would get worst over time. Is there any way to slow it down, so my hearing stays sable longer?

No. Hearing loss will continue. You can lessen the effects related to noise exposure by using hearing protection and avoiding loud noises, but impending hearing loss cannot be prevented.

Need help. I've got a problem with my right ear, there is some hearing impairment, feels like water inside.?

See an ENT. You may be right. Sometimes water behind the eardrum can lead to hearing impairment. See an ent. May need a hearing test and further treatment.

Is there a cure for hearing impairment with tinnitus?

Tinnitus. Tinnitus is quite frequently a symptom of hearing loss and it can be corrected by use of hearing aids.

Tinnitus, sore jaw from grinding all night, hearing impairment. What's wrong with me?

2 things wrong. You have symptoms of temporomandibular joint inflammation. You should eat soft food that doesnt put stress on jaw joint. Dont chew gum, dont chew ice, etc. Anti-inflammatiory meds klike Aleve (naproxen) help. Heat helps. See your dentist. Often a splint can be made to prevent grinding. Hearing loss is likely unrelated. You need to be seen by ENT for hearing test and evaluation.

I am nooticing hearing difficulties in only one ear. Next steps?

See below. Wax or fluid wax can wash out in shower sometimes try benedryl if fever or pain see ENT to eval for otitis media needs antibiotics.

I got water in my ear and I can not get it out and now I have hearing difficulties?

See below. Water is inner ear can be from infection (otitis media) or just serous otitis (sterile fluid need to see ENT doc to see what is cause om needs antibiotics sometime Flonase decongestants help serous om.
In the canal? You can take rubbing alcohol and place it in a dropper bottle. Most ear canals have a 1 ml volume, so placing 1 ml of rubbing alcohol in the affected ear while you lay down on the good side, will displace the water. The alcohol evaporates readily at body temperature and has an additional drying effect on the canal tissue as it does. Some add vinegar to suppress fungal growth.