My 1 month old has laryngomalacia. He is currently on nexium (esomeprazole). Which is better for him. Nexium (esomeprazole) or zantac? And why?

Mgt. Laryngomalacia often resolves without intervention. If he is having episodes of distress, poor growth, or other respiratory signs, a pulmonary virtual consult may be useful to you and your pediatrician.
His medications are for the treatment of GERD, and how he responds will help to guide the therapy and dosing.
Laryngomalacia. This is a condition that usually resolves with time. The antireflux meds are useful to reduce any swelling that may occur due to reflux. The proton pump inhibitors are the best meds to use for this process. (Prilosec or nexium) are equally effective as long as they are given one hour before breakfast and supper. I prefer 2 time a day therapy. Zantac is good for night break thru reflux.