What distal colitis is?

Proctitis. Or left sided colitis involving only the rectum or left side of the colon is usually a a less severe form of inflammatory bowel disease and may be self limitted and not lifelong. On the other hand it may rpogress with time to involve a larger portio of the colon. It usually carries a lower potential for developing colon cancer than universal colitis.
Distal colon. It is inflammation of the colon in the lower part towards the rectum. You should be told which part of the colon. www.drlugo.com.

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What kind of condition is distal colitis?

Distal colitis. Is inflammation of the colon limited to the end of the colon near the rectum. It can be what's called proctitis, proctosigmoiditis, or left sided colitis. It often responds well to a combination of both oral and topical (enema or suppository( mesalamines. . Read more...

What is the treatment for distal colitis?

Enemas. Rectal enemas with Mesalamine (an aspirin-like compound) or steroids can be very effective; oral medications are also effective; the combination of oral and rectal treatments seems to be the most reliable for symptom control. Read more...