Do I have HIV or herpes a week ago kissed guy with open sore. Two days later my mouth itch and burn/tingling. Then gumg ache/head dizzy. I'm a virgin?

May get Herpes . Someone may get herpes infection by kissing a person with active lesion. Herpes infection can be acquired by sex or close contact.However, HIV infection rare by kissing even with open sore . Should be evaluated by a physician for the symptoms.
Neither. Neither. Both infections are silent or symptom free and take weeks to cause infection.

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Do I have herpes or hiv? I kissed a guy with an open sore now my mouth itches burns and tingles. What do I have? Its been a week since we kissed

Need exam. May just be anxiety. But when was the last time you had std testing? It could be nothing, or it could be prodromal symptoms for herpes. Are you having any bumps, any discharge, any other symptoms? Make an appointment to see a doc. Read more...

Signs of herpes? Gums ache, eyes hurt mouth itch gums itch jaw sore also feeling dizzy. Are these herpes signs from french kissing its been a week

Stop sex contact. Herpes is a viral infection on the soft mucosal tissues in the mouth, tongue and lips. It can be spread to the genital area of the body and elsewhere if, the lesions are broken. Go and see your family doctor or family dentist. They can treat you with steriods or antiviral medications. Once you get the virus; you will have it through life. Read more...