Delayed tooth eruption if not all wisdom teeth in till 23?

No. Teeth erupt sometimes following familial patterns. Some wisdom teeth sometimes never erupt depending on their position and shape.
No. Wisdom teeth may or may not become visible in the mouth at almost any age. A thorough clinical and panoramic radiograph are usually required to determine if there are any teeth missing or impacted, as well as the development and position of any impacted or unerupted teeth.
No. Normal eruption of wisdom teeth can be any time between 17 ; 25 years of age. As long as they are not positioned upside down, backwards or sideways, and they have enough room to fit (not impacted), leave them alone. If they are impacted then having them removed by an oral surgeon, before they try to come in is good preventative medicine. Your general dentist should be able to give you guidance.

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If fluoridation is seen to cause delayed tooth eruption, what else is it doing to our bodies?

Misinformation. Your premise is wrong so your question is not realistic. Fluoridation has decreased the dental disease of children over many decades. The conspiracy theories and injury claims refer to unsupported junk science or no basis at all.
Source of Info pls. Where are you getting this information from? Please share.

Does fluoride cause delayed tooth eruption or anything else?

No. Fluoride is not associated with delayed tooth eruption. If there is excessive Fluoride intake during tooth development fluorosis (a mottling of the teeth) can occur. This is a cosmetic problem, though functionally the teeth are fine. In cases of Fluoride overdose (which would require very high levels of acute or chronic Fluoride intake), other more serious physiologic effects can occur.
No delayed eruption. Fluoride would have no effect on the eruption pattern of teeth. At appropriate concentrations it strengthens teeth and despite some some poorly done studies it has no known detrimental affect.
Absolutely not. Given in proper therapeutic amounts, the only things that Fluoride causes are stronger teeth and stronger bones. Talk to your pediatrician before age 1 and your dentist after age 1for proper use of Fluoride for your child. Every community is different, so get professional advice.

What are common causes of delayed tooth eruption?

Genetics. Genetics plays a major role in tooth eruption, other factors are local in nature such as a traumatic accident to the jaw, a local infection or a childhood disease.
One. One cause could be hypothyroid but....There are many syndromes associated with delayed eruption.
Genetics & hormonal. There are several genetic conditions that result in delayed eruption and development of the teeth. There may be delay of the eruption of teeth if there is a low functioning thyroid, adrenal or pituitary gland. You would probably already know about the more significant conditions. Most of the time it is just that babies schedule and nothing to worry about.
Define delay. The normal range of first eruption runs from birth to 15 months. It is not a standard marker for development, nutrition or hormonal balance. Delay beyond 15 months and failure to have all deciduous teeth by 3 is often genetic. Rarely it will reflect a hormonal issue in older kids but other related symptoms would be evident at the time.

How long does wisdom teeth pain last during eruption?

It can vary. The duration of discomfort can be related to the position and size of the wisdom tooth in the jaw as it is trying to erupt. Some wisdom teeth may be partially exposed in the jaw and never fully erupt, and can be an ongoing intermittent source of pain. Others may have some temporary pain as the tooth is erupting which goes away when the tooth is fully erupted. You should see your dentist.
Eruption pain. The pain will last as long as it takes the tooth to erupt. If it is a wisdom tooth it can be stuck and causing an infection in your gum called pericoronitis. See your dentist to help you find what it is hurting and what needs to be done.
Variable. Varies. Some never cause pain. Some that partially erupt continue to cause pain because food gets caught under the flap - pericoronitis.

How can I ease a wisdom teeth eruption, and make it erupt faster?

Salt water. Rinse with salt water and keep the area clean. There is nothing that you can do to speed it's eruption. See a dentist to see if there is enough room for the tooth or whether it should be removed.
See your dentist for an evaluation, to tailor a remedy specific to your problem. If you are having some discomfort or irritation related to your wisdom tooth, your dentist can evaluate the situation & suggest any remedy that can assist in alleviating the cause. Sometimes there are remedies for erupting wisdom (3rd molars) teeth, but these are tailored to indidvidual circumstances. See your dentist.
See a dentist. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25. However, sometimes they appear many years later. If you are experiencing pain and it does not go away or if you find it difficult to open your mouth, you should see a dentist for x-ray and wisdom teeth removal.

My wisdom teeth are coming in, and the lower left one has been sore lately, which I attributed to teething pains. This morning, I found that the gum on the outward side of the tooth right in front of it is soft, squishy, and tender. It also does not seem

Removal is best. Hi there, what you experienced is very common for wisdom teeth -- in fact, that is probably the number one reason people have them taken out. Please visit a dentist near you and have it evaluated for extraction.
Inflamation. Possibly infection, or eruption induced inflammation, or impacted food debris. See your Dentist to assure that wisdom teeth are erupting properly, not problematicly, and to evaluate and, if necessary, treat your gums. Your Dentist may refer you on to a wisdom tooth specialist, an Oral Surgeon.

Can oral contraceptives delay healing after wisdom teeth surgery?

No, but. Oral contraception has not been shown to delay healing of extraction sites however there is an observed increased chance of alveolar osteitis (dry socket) with women using oral contraceptives. Also of significance is that antibiotics prescribed after oral surgery have been shown to inactivate birth control pills so alterative birth control should be used when takeing antibiotics.
Yes. It has been shown that estrogen can delay healing by causing disruption in the normal healing sequence / maturation of the blog clot. It can be quite variable as to what degree it affects healing, however. Females in the early stage of their menstrual cycle and those taking estrogen containing oral contraceptives, have been show to have an increased likelihood of a "dry socket" as well.