What alternative therapies are used to treat migraine?

Several modalities. This article deals w/ my favorite integrative modalities for migraines: http://bookonhealing.Com/conditions/migraines.Html. In true migraines the most effective modality is neurotransmitter precursor treatment. Nucca chiropractic and homeopathy are also great options. All these can be combined, but not started at same time for sake of clarity. The article explains them all.
Several modalities. I would say that it depends on the cause - whether it is food allergy/reaction based, stress based or neurovascular or even musculoskeletal. Several things can be tried - including but not limited to: changing diet, osteopathic cervical and craniosacral treatment, meditation, rehydration, cold packs on neck/ head, napping in a dark quiet room, massage and most importantly avoid caffeine!
Migraines present in various ways so the best treatment changes on an individual basis. Aside from standard medications (of which there are many to try) alternative therapies include: drinking more h2o, walking, fresh air, laying in a dark room with an ice pack to the head, homeopathy, acupuncture, or cranial osteopathy. De-stressing & avoiding your triggers are the most important thing to do.

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What alternative therapies can be used for migraine?

Migraine treatment. Alternative medicine experts use several methods to relieve and possibly cure migraine.Folloing treatments have been tried with some success or reduction of attacks chiropractic treatment biofeedback food allegies causing migraine treatment by allergists , and diet adjustment sress and tension relief by meditation/yoga avoid lack of sleep restricting salt especially pre menstrual. Read more...
Botox and Surgery. Long term relief of migraines can be achieved with botox. If you have a good response, you may be a candidate for surgery. Surgery has been shown to dramatically decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. www.themigrainereliefcenter.com. Read more...