Scared of cancer lumpy breast and numbness and tingling feels like there is movement in my breast right one itchy armpit and yellow discharge help?

Breast lumps. Be reassured somewhat as there are many causes for lumpy breast tissue in one your age. That said, especially with a discharge and pain/pruritis in the same side armpit, you need to be seen. You could have a simple infection called mastitis or something of more concern. See your family doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible.
No symptoms of cance. It is not uncommon at your age to have symptoms of lumpiness and occasional strange tingling or soreness. Itchiness in the armpit is not a symptom of cancer. You should be doing monthly breast self exams in noting if you notice any difference from time to time. I would advise you, for peace of mind, to see your position and undergo a routine breast exam at this time and then annual breast exams as long as your first exam normal by your physician.
Ease your mind. Ease your mind my going to see your doctor or better yet your surgeon who does breast surgery. There is no need to be overly anxious about breast cancer. If you have concerns about lumpy breasts or a nipple discharge have your surgeon evaluate it. A lot of women have lumpy breasts. Most nipple discharge is normal. Please see your doctor. Unnecessary worry will only lead to other issues such as ulcers.