Are there legit counselors/therapists on the internet?

Buyer beware. Many guidelines and regulations-regarding internet based psychotherapy, a human interactive process, are yet to be developed. Issues about privacy, security, lack of knowlege of local resources, and lack of a fully developed science are raised as well danger if it does not work, someone may not try traditional therapy. See: http://cpancf.Com/articles_files/internetpsychotherapyethics.Asp.
Many leg. therapist. Mike, there are many legitimate therapists and counselors online but it depends in part where online you look for them. It also depends somewhat on the type of therapist or counselor that you are looking for. Search sites affiliated with the type of association you are looking for. Fore example, psychology today lists only licensed psychologists. Aamft - licensed marriage & fam. Therapists.

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How to open up to family counselors/therapists?

Find the right one. A good counselor or therapist will spend some time making you feel comfortable. You can prepare yourself by getting ready--make a few notes about what you want to talk about, and make the appointment at a time when you aren't rushed so that you can put your full attention into the visit. Turn off your cell phone! remember that talking about these things is uncomfortable for most people! Read more...

I have seen many of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists but no one understands...Looking for a referral in the las vegas area- just moved?

No one understands? No one understands what? Sounds like you have been through a lot of professionals, and are still having problems. To find a psychologist or other therapist in your new city, you can go to http://www.Psychologytoday.Com/ and use the "find a therapist" search screen. Some psychiatrists will be there also. You can also contact the nevada psychiatric society, or the medical school for optionsl. Read more...