How much daily caffeine creates risk of caffeine withdrawal headache?

Depends. If you are a migraine sufferer caffeine is not your friend. And in fact over time, can make your migraine headaches worse. You should strive to decrease or eliminate caffeine from your daily intake as much as possible. Caffeine is a potent vasoconstrictor much like many migraine medications. Wearing off this often causes rebound vasocongestion causing or triggering more migraine headaches.
It Depends. Amount of caffeine does make a difference.Any amount of caffeine you stop may cause withdrawl headache.Over the weekend after extra sleep if you miss your first cup of caffeine it can trigger withdrawl headache.By the way too much caffeine can also cause headache.Amount varies between different people.
It depends. Some people can handle caffeine and its effects better than others. For some as little as one 8 oz can of coke per day can cause withdraw headaches. On the other hand i know of individuals who can handle several cups of coffee per day without suffering any withdraw symptoms. If you suffer from headaches it may be best to avoid any amount of caffeine.

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What can I do about re-curring caffeine withdrawal headaches from lack of coffee drinking?

Slow withdrawal. Here's my technique: decrease amount of coffee by 1/2 cup a day until you're down to 1 cup a day. Then switch to black tea and have as much as you want. Every time you feel a headache coming on, have a cup. Then decrease black tea gradually to 1 cup a day. Then switch to green tea and repeat the process. When you are down to 1 cup a day, it should be easy to stop. Give yourself 2 weeks. Read more...
Coffee headache. Coffee is the leading worldwide beverage after water and its trade exceeds us $10 billion worldwide. Habitual caffeine consumers who abstain from caffeine experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances, and flu-like symptoms (juliano and griffiths, 2004). Empiricallly Gabapentin an anticovulsant may reduce the withdrwal symptoms. Read more...