How long does it take for me to jog again after a bone graft from the hips to a fractured scaphoid?

Four weeks . I am going to make a couple of assumptions. Since this was a bone graft to the scaphoid bone, I am presuming that is small bone graft and was taken from your pelvis. That being the case, there should not be any structural harm with running or jogging. Local discomfort would suggest that you might need 3 to 4 weeks before resuming this activity. Good luck!

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How long does it take for a bone graft from hip to pars fractures to heal completely. It's been 4 months and showing minimal bony union.

Pars fracture. Pars problems take varying amounts of time to heal . Some depend on causation. Acute fractures in younger patients tend to heal more quickly than those which have been a result of long time progressing in older people.Nutrition, smoking, osteopenia also ply a role. Read more...

I have to have a plate and bone graft on a delayed union weber b fracture how long will I be nwb for and how long will I be in cast, recovery time etc?

Varies. Every surgeon and every patient are slightly different, but a general rule of thumb would be 3-6 weeks nwb, 6-10 total weeks in a cast or boot...As long as it all goes well. Read more...