What are progressive and pseudo bulbar palsy?

Upper motor neuron. Pseudobulbar palsy is a disorder of nerves located near the base of the brain, that connect the higher brain centers with the lower spinal cord. Most commonly affects chewing, swallowing, speech, emotional outbursts sometimes. It has multiple causes and the underlying disease will determine how progressive it is; examples are parkinson's, als, certain strokes, ms, brain trauma.

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What's pseudo bulbar palsy?

Read below. Bulbar palsy is a term for problems arising from at the bulb( medulla oblangata), the lowermost part of the brain stem or peripheral to the bulb (nerve or muscle) pseudobulbar palsy is when the same symptoms (difficulty with swallowing speech etc) are due to bilateral problems higher up in the central nervous system. The physical signs are different. Read more...

What is pseudo bulbar palsy and how is it treated?

Poor mouth control. Bulbar palsy is a form of dysfunction of the mouth and face that can be associated with damage to the nerves in the brainstem. In some cases, drugs or frontal lobe brain damage will cause similar appearing symptoms with strange mouth and face movements, poor coordination of swallow and speech. These forms are referred to as pseudo bulbar palsy. Medications may help, but there is no cure. Read more...