L3-l4 minor degenerative facet change. No impingement. L4-l5 minor degenerative facet change. No impingement. L5-s1 bilateral degenerative facet change?

Facet Arthropathy. Could be facet arthropathy/arthritis. There are joints in the spine where the bones articulate and can develop bone spurs and cause pain typically with extension. I would consider seeing a pain/spine specialist to see if facet injections or radiofrequency ablation would be helpful for you. While arthritis/arthropathy will not change, the pain can be reduced or eliminated.
Low back pain. The low back pain that you describe is arthritis of the lumbar joints. The most common levels affected in the low back are between the l3/4 and l4/5 levels. The treatments often begin with physical therapy, chiropractic care, and pain management. If the nonoperative treatments fail to eliminate the pain, then surgery may be indicated.