Related Questions

Bartholin abscess drained but am concerned about germs that caused it?

Normal bacteria. A Bartholin's gland abscess is caused by normal skin bacteria most of the time. Once it has been drained, normal antibiotics should be able to clear it up.

I just had a bartholin's abscess drained yesterday & am still in excruciating pain. Will clindamycin help clear the infection as well?

Yes. The main things is getting the cyst drained, but antibiotics can help clear up the infection in surrounding tissue. Soaks in warm water may help it drain and relieve some of the pain. You can also take tylenol (acetaminophen) or motrin for the pain as well.

Bartholin abscess removal or marsup...?

Depends. Bartholin abscess is usually incised and drained at first diagnosis. Recurrence in less than 6 months usually leads to marsupialization procedure. New or recurrent symptoms in the Bartholin's gland after age 40 usually will lead to consideration of removal of the gland, due to increased risk for cancer.

I had bartholin abscess twice, the last one was 2yrs ago. This time I had a vulvar abscess growth close to my bladder 5 days ago. Why having this?

Recurrent infection. Sometimes some women get recurrent pubic infections that require chronic suppression with hormonal control or antibiotics. It would be worthwhile to discuss that with a doctor and see if you have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. Avoid shaving because that can irritate that skin. Also make sure you don't have diabetes or anything affecting your immunity predisposing you to infection.

I have a Bartholin Abscess the size of a golf ball which is causing me extreme pain sitting and walking should I go to outpatients to have it treated?

Yes. Bartholin glands are normal, but when one becomes blocked and forms a large painful cyst this will usually keep coming back unless it is removed. If it becomes infected (abscess), that complicates things further because it tends to worsen and makes removal more difficult. At home, there's no curative treatment, but warm compresses may help until you can be seen. Do be seen by primary care or GYN.

Bartholin abscess - treatment time with antibiotics vs drainage?

Treatment time. For most abscesses, treatment is faster with drainage vs just taking an antibiotic. And, often, drainage is the only treatment that is needed. However, many physicians will use both approaches to try to clear an abscess.

I had a Bartholin abscess that resolved on its own last week, and now have one on the other side. How likely is it that it is caused by STD?

STD possible. If you are performing at risk sexual behavior or your partner is doing the same, then it is possible that the Bartholin gland infection may have been triggered by an STD. A recurring Bartholin infection is a concern as the first episode was not thoroughly treated and the causing bacteria were not eradicated. See a GYN MD soon and get STD tested and Rx for the Bartholin gland infection.

I had a bartholin abscess in between my legs. I was told to wear cotton. I can't find 100% cotton. Includes spandex or/and nylon. Is that ok?

Underwear breathes. Mostly cotton underwear breathes well and will be fine. If you are resting at home, wearing loose shorts and no underwear is another alternative.
Nylon & spandex. Won't wick moisture as well as cotton. When there is warmth & moisture - it is like inviting bacteria/ fungi to breed. There are many on-line sites that sell cotton underwear. Also, recommend that you purchase ones that aren't too tight.