Is erythematosus lupus a viral infection treated by shingles antibiotic?

Not a virus yet. Systemic lupus erythematosis is an autoimmune disease where antibodies are directed at one`s own tissues including joints, skin, kidneys, lungs and even brain. While we now have excellent treatments for this once commonly fatal disease, we do not know the trigger or triggers that set off the immune system. Even though infectious agents are suspected, none have as yet been identified or treated.

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Not shingles saw infectious disease dr, he said not shingles, not std, not cancer sores keep coming back when I go off viral infection med why?

Immune deficiency. Need to know more about the rash, history of infections, the antiviral medication etc. Would comment that with repeated bacterial skin infections or viral infections that are difficult to control (and many other scenarios involving recurrent unexplained infection), it may be helpful to see an Immunologist to rule out underlying deficiency. Read more...

I have viral infection now on anti biotics. Any food to avoid n can I drink alcohol?

Ask pharmacist. Antibiotics will not treat a viral infection so it may be possible to stop the antibiotics and eat, drink and be merry. However, if you are taking an antibiotic it would be necessary to know specifically which one in order to answer your question. Each of them is different. your pharmacist should know. Read more...