what are the triptans?

For migrane. For migraine head aches a group drugs used to relive headache . Mode of action by constricting blood vessels. These drugs ( 5-hydroxy tryptamine or serotonin ) act as agonist s at serotonin receptor site by constriction blood vessels.
Migraine med. Triptans are a special type of medicine that work to stop a migraine or tension headache, but not prevent one from happening.

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What is considered the best triptan? And do triptans help tension headaches as well? I get those daily.

The one that works. The "triptan" that works for you is the best one. So you may have to try more than one. Sumatriptan is generic so is usually tried first. Some people have mixed tension/migraine daily headaches that can be helped with "triptans". You'll have to try them and see. Read more...