Symptoms of wolf parkinson white? Can a ssri cause this condition?

Heart Arrhythmia. Largely, this is a genetic disorder - so there is no reason to think it can be caused by ssris. The symptom list is long and available online. Mostly they relate to cardiac function - i.e., chest pain, weakness, fatigue, etc. Here's more info than you might want: https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/wolff%e2%80%93parkinson%e2%80%93white_syndrome best!
Genetic. One is born with WPW and thus it itself is not caused by medications. I'm not aware of ssri's causing cardiac arrythmias so a person with WPW should be able to take ssri's without causing an episode of tachycardia. For other viewpoints, consult a psychiatrist an a cardiologist.