Adolescent health doctors== is this normal to have teen refuse to be seen by a doctor for preventive health?

Yes. Don't you remember how we behaved at that age? We knew everything and did not need an oldster(all dr's are old to a teen) to see us.Try asking questions your teen doesn't know the answer to such as a good LDL number or the hpv epidemic causing cancer in men, or even best tx for acne.Lots of avenues to help your dr be prepared for the "all knowing teen".Most of us are parents and have endured same.
Yes. Many adolescents may give parents a hard time when it is time to get them in to the doctor for their wellness visits. I would explain to your teen that this is a necessary and normal part of growing up. Explain to them that exams are also required for school and sports, so they really do have to go. If you have a son that would be more comfortable seeing a male, or vice versa, give that option.