Adolescent health help needed. How do I convince my son to get HPV vaccine?

Parenting. I recommend it to all patents prior to age of intercourse. Parents do not need permission to vaccinate minors. It is your oblgation to protect the children.
Show him pictures! I often find that, in practice, some adolescent males need a little nudging to get the hpv vaccine. One of the things that has worked for me is to show my patients pictures of the diseases that I am trying to vaccinate and protect them against. A picture can be worth a thousand words. Pictures of genital warts and cancers caused by hpv might convince.
HPV in adolescents. U need 2 takehim in for a p.E. And let ur doctor do the convincing. Let him read the vis adn ask questions to the doc. Maybe he is afraid of needles or he has some other concerns.
Have him web surf. Plus tell himhe will be more attractive to future partners as well as being protected from hpv which now affects up to 50% of older teens! Good luck.