I'm 26. I lost a whole tooth including its root from a roller skates accident. Fell on my face. What are my options?

Dental Implant . Hands down and without question, an implant supported crown would be your best option! if you have enough good bone for it, and in the hands of a skilled surgeon and restorative dentist, it will be the strongest, longest lasting, most comfortable and best looking option. Obviously, that's sight unseen, so you do need to discuss it with a dentist who can actually examine you to be sure.
Implant, bridge. You can get an implant, bridge, a removable partial denture, or leave the space there. You would need to check with your dentist which option is best for you. An implant would take a little longer for healing 4-5 months but would probably last the longest. The bridge would be using your adjacent teeth as support teeth.
Dental implant. If you lost an entire tooth and its root then your main options would either be a partial bridge or a dental implant. If you are young and healthy, then an implant is your best option for permanent replacement. See a dentist or oral surgeon who is experienced with implants.