My dad 58 years old. Has recently had laser ablation of prostate for bph. Previously dignosed as prostatitis with uti. Now onfoley catheter. Fever not reducing and doctors told he has micro abscess?

Foley infection. BPH is of minimal concern at 58. Prostate ca in the 50's can be serious. An indwelling cath might be needed but frequently associated with UTI and microabscesses. Can be brought under control with the proper antibiotics.
Fever=infection. If he is having a fever after surgery you should definitely follow up with his surgeon. A microabscess is an area of infection that has been walked off within the body to a specific area. These often need to be drained or the person can get sicker.
Bph. First of all, laser ablation is generally not a great therapy choice for obstructing bph. It typically removes a relatively small amount of tissue. With micro-abscesses, he may need a full transurethral resection of the prostate. Especially since he still has an indwelling catheter. May consider a 2nd opinion.