Can kyphosis lordosis cause upper back pain? Or is the cause of neck, upper back and shoulders due to disc bulges in the neck? Only 18

Curve of spine. Spinal curvature if with in a normal range may only give a bit of back pain. You are young do there may be a component if "normal" growth of spinal elements that can cause back pain.

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Need upper back pain relief, no doctor has been able to tell me if this is the cause but I do have 4 bulging disc in the neck and kyphosis could it b?

Doubt cervical disks. If the cervical disks are not causing a radiating pain, numbness, tingling or weakness, they may not be the cause of upper back pain. Congenital kyphosis is more likely. Physical therapy and a trans cutaneous nerve stimulator might be of help. Imaging of the thoracic spine may shed further light on the problem. Read more...

Upper back pain and neck pain for about a year. Kyphosis and 4 bulg disc in neck. Flex chest pain directly in the middle above nipples. Chiro not work?

See your physician . this is not something for a chiropractor. You need to see a medical physician who can do a complete evaluation, and have you see the appropriate physician for an evaluation suggest one or more problems. Read more...