38 weeks pregnant. 3rd child. Been having lower back pain and slight period cramping. Pressure and urge to poop. Clear sticky discharge when wiping.

Mucous plug. The clear sticky discharge sounds as though you have lost your mucous plug. If the cramping is at all regular and/or the pressure feeling intensifies, you need to go in and be checked.Those third children can sneak out and deliver without a long labor, so don't wait until you have to deliver on the way to the hospital. If you go in and you're not in labor, then you just go back home - no big deal.

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I'm 38 weeks pregnant and im getting period like cramps and low back pain can't cope with this pain anymore getting the cramps for 2 weeks now?

Sacroiliac joints. As the pregnancy nears completion, the joints and ligaments of the birth canal begin to loosen. The baby often rotates from breech to head down position. The added pressure leads to cramps and pain from the sacroiliac joints in your back. See your gynecologist to discuss treatments that reduce the pain. Read more...

I'm 38 weeks 2 days pregnant with very low back pain, kind of watery discharge & explosive diarhea. Should I go to the hospital?  

Go to hospital. You should absolutely go to the hospital. It could be labor or that your water has broken. If you are low risk and this is your first kid, then get there within the next couple hours. If you have had a baby before, you may want to get there quicker and have someone drive you. Read more...