Can children get migraine headaches?

Yes. Prevalence of migraine is 2.5% under the age of 7, 5% from age 7 to puberty, and 10% in postpubertal girls. Migraine without aura is twice more common than the one with aura in school-age children.
Absolutely. There are many potential causes of pediatric migraines. The could be due to bite problems, but medical consult is the starting point to manage their cause.
Yes. Children develop migraine headaches often. Boys develop migraine at an earlier age than girls. Children who have a family history of migraine headaches are at most risk.

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What to do to get myself better from my migraine headaches?

Best to prevent. In this regard, several approved fda meds such as beta-blockers, topamax, (topiramate) depakote, but some pts seem to do well on tricyclics, and calcium channel blockers. Otc approaches include riboflavin, co-q-10, butterbur, feverfew, magnesium. Greater occipital nerve blocks and Botox may be other choices. Triggers from red wine, aged cheeses, msg, nitrites might be present.
Vast improvements. Migraine surgery can lead to cure in some patients. This is a new and emerging field. Visit http://www. Themigrainereliefcenter. Com for more information.

What to do if I get migraine headaches sometimes, what's a good remedy for them?

Neurotransmitter bal. Neurotransmitter imbalance is a cause of migraines. Visit www. Neurosciencemysths. Com for information about migraines and to get referred to a doctor who can treat the condition properly.

How to get rid of annoying migraine headaches?

Avoid triggers. The primary intervention would be to look for environmental or behavioral triggers that are setting off your migraines and avoid these. Common triggers include stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol, and foods containing the Amino Acid tyramine (e.g. Aged cheese). If this fails, ask your pcp or a neurologist if you are a candidate for medication to abort migraines or prevent them in the first place.
A/W Dr. Bragg. Triggers for migraine headaches can include things like stress, odors/scents, neck tension, alcohol, hormonal changes (such as menses), lights, smoke or other fumes, ^'ed physical activity, particular foods, becoming overheated ; sleep patterns. Know your trigger ; avoid them. Your neurologist can prescribed preventive medication as well.
Tough question. Migraines, like tmj/tmd, may never be cured, just maintained. Thorough tests are needed to hopefully determine some triggers of the migraines and help you educate yourself on what to avoid. Don't rule out tmj/tmd.

How can I get rid of my migraine headaches permanently?

HEADACHE. You should be under consultation with a neurologist if with recurrent migraine. Make sure your ct scan of the brain is normal. There are rx to prevent the attack and other rx to abort it aside from your present meds.
Migraines. Schedule appt. With neurologist for assessment & treatment options.
TMJ consult. Believe it or not, many migraines are the result of bite problems. I would certainly see a neurologist to rule out other causes. That said, tmd is the great impostor, and has such a large array of symptoms that people do not know where to turn for help. Medications improve the pain. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I would see a tmd trained dentist for evaluation.
Tough question. Migraines, like tmj/tmd, may never be cured, just maintained. Thorough tests are needed to hopefully determine some triggers of the migraines and help you educate yourself on what to avoid. Don't rule out tmj/tmd.

Should I be drinking coffee if I get migraine/headaches?

Maybe. Caffeine can actually treat certain types of headaches. If you stop caffeine abruptly then you can have caffeine withdrawal headaches. I would consult a good headache neurologist for advice on?

I get migraine headaches. Could they be related to raynaud’s?

Possibly. Raynaud's symptoms and migraines both are caused by abnormal regulation of blood flow to certain parts of the body, so they may be related in some patients. Also, some medications for migraines (the triptans and ergot alkaloids) can lead to raynaud's symptoms as a side effect. However, having migraines doesn't mean one will get raynaud's, and having raynaud's doesn't mean one will get migraines.
Yes. People with autoimmune disorder such as reynaud's syndrome have an increased risk of migraine.
Yes. Migraine headaches are more common in people reynaud's syndrome. Please see your doctor to make sure you have migraines as there are other types of headache associated with autoimmune diseases such as reynaud's syndrome.

What can I do to get rid of my migraine headaches?

Look. Look for things that trigger the headaches, like foods, spices, smells and try to avoid these things.
Botox and Surgery. Long term relief of migraines can be achieved with botox. If you have a good response, you may be a candidate for surgery. Surgery has been shown to dramatically decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. Www. Themigrainereliefcenter. Com.
Yes... You may want to consider having your doctor/headache specialist see if Botox can be approved for your migraine headaches. If it works you could have significantly less migraines for at least 3-4 months at a time. Many times people's migraines are cut in half if not more. The use of your oral migraine prevention medications and abortives are much more helpful and reduce occurrences even better.