Is there any recommendation that seniors get assisted suicide counseling?

Assisted Suicide. Assisted suicide is "legal" in several states, but not all medical professionals consider it ethical. Also even patients have serious questions about possible misuse of this option: http://tinyurl.Com/chfho3l some medical organizations have been working on ways to address these questions, even while focusing on supporting life rather than assisting suicides: http://tinyurl.Com/c67xvov.
I don't personally. Know any doctors who counsel their patients about they can kill themselves.The physicians I am associated with, work hard to save lives and to improve or preserve quality of life. For most this is a major ethical issue. However, discussing general end of life issues is a very important task.
Not sure what you . Mean. There is no recommendation that anyone including seniors "get assisted suicide counseling." some states have laws regulating physician assisted death in very limited circumstances, such as less than 6 month life expectancy in a person able to give informed consent. If a senior is considering suicide, they should be directed to their primary care provider or local mental health expert.
See below. Assisted suicide contradicts the notion of creating a safe environment and space in the therapy for the seniors or other persons. I would help a person not to take their own life. Working with end of life issues, grief, loss, terminal illness is different from helping someone arrive to the acceptance of assisted suicide.
Legal in Oregon. It may be legal, but that does not make it moral or ethical. Here is where i would draw the line and resist any government mandate to do this. If it is in the affordable care act, i would recommend full resistance by all physicians as i agree fully with dr fowler that it would require breaking a solemn oath. It also smacks of government tactics used by nazi germany, soviet russia, & mao's china.
Safe space. Thank you dr. Fox, for bringing up the safe environment of therapy! one job of a therapist is to provide a place to explore the deepest fears and desires of a person. Therapists are trained to understand and work with painful and hopeless feelings. Even if suffering is inevitable there is meaning and purpose at the end of every life.
The Classic writings. I believe old ; new testament indirectly discuss suicide. Read classical western, ; eastern thinkers; socrates, plato, buddha, confucius and hippocrates, see the original oath, wikipedia], etc. More 'food for thought', then it is for each person to search their soul for the answer. Physicians are trained in the art ; science of healing ; to do no harm. Any other act is outside our 2000 yr old oath.
Advance directive . All patients in a hospital should have an advanced directive. This allows the patients wishes to be followed. Physicians work with patients to help improve their quality of life. Advanced directives aim to set goals on the amount of support a patient may want if they need life support. It is very hard to ask family members to choose. Hope this helps.
No. Assisted suicide is illegal and therefore therapists can only help people who feel suicidal to find meaning and purpose for their lives and to help them accept & face the end of life with dignity. They can work with their families as well. Doctors can help reduce pain and suffering as much as possible as well.
Yes. It is always a good idea to discuss end of life issues.
No. In oregon "physician aid in dying" is legal when requested by a terminally ill patient. Suicide is a rash decision made during emotional distress, which is different. A dying person suffering in ways that can't be helped by hospice has the right to not suffer, in my view. But being elderly does not qualify as terminally ill. Seniors should know they can choose not to be treated or resuscitated.