How protected are you if you use birth control pills effectively every day and have unprotected sex multiple times throughout the wk. On for month?

Very. Birth control pills are over 90% effective when taken properly. If taken perfectly, they are about 98% effective. The number of times you have sex does not affect the pills. Condoms are still the only way to prevent infections and HIV though.

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Had breakthrough bleeding for a week even though I've been on birth control pills for 1 year. I had unprotected sex 1 week later, am I still protected?

Breakthrough bleed. Breakthrough bleeding (bleeding at the wrong time) is very common on birth control. It happens in about 1/3 of users. Its no big deal and usually self corrects over time. If you are not satisfied or it continues to happen then consider using a different birth control method. It is a common side effect and does not mean something is wrong or that the pill is not working.

I've been on trial sprintec low dose birth control pills for over 1 year now. I am protected all the time? I had unprotected sex for the 1st time.

Yes. If you are taking the pills correctly you have an approx 99% protection rate from pregnancy. The only thing that is 100% is never having sex. Birth control pills offer no protection from STD's.

The next day after having unprotected sex I started to discharge and it was brown. What does that mean. I have been on birth control pills for 3 month?

Probably normal. Most likely your cervix bled a little during sex and the blood came out as brown discharge. Make sure you are getting routine exams by a gynecologist, including pap smears and STD screening.
Blood. It's usually your normal vaginal secretions mixed with blood. Maybe your period is coming, or break through bleeding, or traumatic from sex itself. What's important is that you have been check for disease that are transmitted sexually and HPV via a pap. If not do so. If yes and you trust your partner. I would not worry unless it continues.

Been off birth control pills for a month, had unprotected sex, no ejaculation, took two doses of 4 necon 1/35 the next day, chances of being preg?

If timing is right. Do a pregnancy test.
2 doses. 4 pills of Necon 1+35 taken 12 hours apart within the first 24 hours after intercourse is the equivalent of taking one of the emergency hormonal contraceptives like Plan B. It decreases the risk of pregnancy by 95%. However, it is not a good substitute for taking the same pill on a daily basis as they were designed to be taken. Be safe. Start your pills back unless you want to be pregnant.

I'm on birth control pills, is it ok to have unprotected sex on the last fertile day of my fertile week?

On the pill? A woman on birth control pills, taking them properly, and beyond her first pack of pills... has no fertile day and has no fertile week. She is not fertile when on birth control pills. That means she has protection against pregnancy every day, regardless of where she is in her pill pack. However, adding condoms can protect against some STD diseases, and may decrease vaginal odor or discharge.

Can I have unprotected sex then start my birth control pills the next day?

I wouldn't. It is best to have a OCP in service for a month or more before you begin to rely on it. Use of another form of BC is necessary. The OCP generally works by fooling your body into thinking you are already pregnant, and not ovulating. It does not suddenly make all intercourse worry free the date you start it.