Does anyone know of a way to remove a sebaceous cyst?

Minor Procedure. Excision of a sebaceous cyst should ideally be done when there are no signs of infection. The area is injected with local anesthesia, and a small amount of skin is removed along with the cyst and its contents.
Surgery... This is a straightforward office procedure that can be done by a plastic surgeon with local anesthesia. It is important to remove the entire wall of the cyst or it may recur.

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Does anyone know of a safe way to remove a sebaceous cyst at home?

No. When I have seen people who have tried to self treat cyst they often get infected and then the scarring can be worse. Read more...
Not a good idea... Sebaceous cysts need to be excised in their entirety, including the area of skin which is involved. You risk pain, bleeding, scarring, infection and other problems if you try and take care of them at home. It is generally easy to excise them with appropriate training and equipment and it can usually be done in the office. Read more...