I got missed of 1 month pregnency, after torch evalution it was rubella virus, herpes, & CMV infection, doc prescribe me spiramycin, now what to do?

Weigh risks. Not sure i completely understand, but if you were diagnosed with rubella or CMV early in pregnancy, there could be some serious effects on the baby. How far along are you? You may want to consider ending the pregnancy if the infection reached the fetus. Talk to your doctor about options.

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If I am suffering from rubella virus infection, and CMV infection, than chances of HIV infection is how much?

There is no link. Those diseaes are not linked--you need to be tested for them individually and having one does not confer risk for the other. But are you sure you have active rubella and cmv, or just evidence of past infection? Consult with your doctor directly. Read more...