What is nph?

Normal pressure hydr. You may be referring to "normal pressure hydrocephalus" which is a condition in which the brain pressure is normal but the ventricles in the brain are abnormally enlarged. Difficulty with balance, sometimes incontinence occurs and difficulty walking. There are numerous causes, some treatable with good results, others less so. Requires evaluation.
Brain related. With respect to the brain-nph refers to normal pressure hydrocephalus. This is characterized by the clinical triad of dementia, trouble with gait, and urinary incontinence. Radiographically the patient has large cerebral ventricles on ct or MRI scans. It is believed that this affects 0.5% of those over the age 55. It is very effectively treated with a surgery:ventriculoperitoneal shunt.

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What are the causes of nph, and how is it diagnosed?

Insulin. Nph (neutral protamin hagedorn) is a form of commercially available Insulin used to treat patients with diabetes. It generally peaks in 3-4 hours and can last for 8-16 hours. Read more...
Usually unknown. When you say nph, i believe you are referring to normal pressure hydrocephalus. This is usually idiopathic and occurs in up to 500, 000 people in the U.S. The diagnosis may be made clinically when patients have the clinical triad of memory, gait, and bladder control problems. This in combination with ct/mri scans that demonstrate large cerebral ventricles. Other tests like CSF drainage may help. Read more...