Dark area above my lip, not melasma?

Melasma? That area is very prone to hyper pigmentation ( melanoma) usually due to birth control pills, pregnancy or acne scarring. Sounds like for you it could be due to acne in which case a very light fading cream could be helpful. It's important to use spf everyday to avoid future darkening particularly when you are using any light bleaching cream. See dermatology if it persists. Hope that helps.

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The area above my lip burns constantly what could this be. It also seems that skin looks darker almost like melasma?

See your PCP/derma. Dr. Usually melasma doesn't occur on the upper lip or appear darker or burns.So it's best to get an expert opinion in person with your doctor to look & see what might be causing a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to occur.Are you using different/new personal care products, bleaching agent, topical creams that may be irritating this area?Usually melasma is also hormonally stimulated/ pregnancy? Read more...